Q & A Divorce Talk: Children

Q & A Divorce Talk: Children

7 Things To Say to Your Child When You Are Getting A Divorce

Q: My 10-yr-old has all these questions about why I’m divorcing her dad. I don’t know what to say. She texted me from her dad’s: “How did you decide to separate? WHY? If YOU tried to keep our family together, was it daddy?” I am really angry with her dad right now and blame him for so much, but it doesn’t seem right to tell her that. What do I say?

A: You are right not to tell your kid that you blame her dad. That would put her in between the two of you and she would feel like she has to pick sides. That’s not fair to her. Here are some things you can say:


  1. Those are all really good questions

    If I were you, I’m sure I would have them too. It is very sad and confusing for kids when parents get divorced. And you may even feel angry too. All that is normal.

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